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Friday, August 28, 2009

Thai food!

Went to Newtown to have dinner with David :] Thai Pathong, it was yummy~not the cheapest thing in the world, but totally worth it.

Fresh coconut juice ~
Entree: Money Bags. Chicken and nuts? wrapped in spring roll pastry with plum sauce : D Yummy :3

Main: Barramundi a coconut milk curry : DD Kinda spicy ;___;
Main: Steamed seafood thing. When it arrived at the table, the foil was on fire : D You can still see a little flame on the top middle part of the foil D:

Bad part was, i got a call form work asking if i could start at 9am tomorrow ;__; boo no sleeping in and KENTUCKY MAN, i think your package camee 'cept i have to pick it up at a different post office, from the one i suually go to. Weirddd.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My bracelet (in Vintage Rose) came today from Steph of DSK Jewelery ;] It's so pretty and sparkly. Looove.

And mine :]

She sends her items with candy *0* Definitely go check her out!

On another note, today was a beautiful sunny day : D Laying on the grass in this weather is heaven. It got a little too windy as the day progressed though.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Ava's dinner.

I hate blogging about stuff the day after it happens ]: But i was so tired after last night boo >: So these are the small amount of photos i took with my phone [epic fail-y as well] Had dinner with George and his family [awkward ._.], so we stuck to our plan which was eatandgtfo : D By the time we got out it was 9:30 already wtf, and Jingaling had a curfew for the first time ever LOL.

Trekked to a bar and drank weee~ Started with a first round of cocktails and then Viks was geed for shots xD The others didn't wanna do shots with us [price > value] so Viks, Ava and i did them instead : D I originally wanted tequila, but the bartender said it was boring T__T So he suggested Cookie Monster...
with fire *w*
And Wet Pussy, what a vulgar name to call something,
goes down super easily, must be due to the cranberry juice lolol...I still wouldn't have minded tequila blahhh ]:
Finished with Cosmos, which was yummy. Viks wanted to race me, got a major brainfreeze >_> Note to self do no tdo that again.

Hope to get all the photos soonnn~
Kay i should probably go back to my paper now. Oh one mor ething, i watched the first episode of True Blood yesterday, i found it kinda boring, maybe it was Sookie's Southern accent? I dunno, not digging it ]:


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ginger twirl.

I LOVE TWIRL! Thanks to the mysterious Kentucky man <3 Cutest interface evar~

On another note sushi and ginger beer is such a refreshing combination for lunch ahaha <3
I prefer Bundaberg over this brand, but their bottle cap is way annoying.


Friday, August 21, 2009

HOW? WHERE? What..?

Someone tell me how to put youtube videos in blogger? o_o Is it even possible ]: I'm beginning to miss Wordpress already!

CARLO IF YOU'RE READING THIS, WHERE DO YOU BLOG NOW?! I've totally lost it, which would explain the no visiting in a bagillion years ]: And my arrow keys just stopped working for 15 minutes...o_o...the first thought that came into my head was, "HOW WILL I EVER PLAY AUDITION AGAIN?!" Then i remembered i hated that game ]: As you can see my train of thought makes total sense :]

And my Tweetdeck no longer works! Sad face ]: Any alternatives?

I've been obsessing over this, super cute animals :3 I mean LOOK AT THIS BUNNY FOR INSTANCE.
Ngawwwww~ and then...

I was totally hunting to mummy that i wanted a kitten for my birthday ;x But if i saw a bunny like this, I'd totally buy it hands down ;x


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Don't you love class presentations, where they gve out candy as rewards? Yay, much needed sugar boosts! These mini Natural Jellies dinosaurs are so adorable omg.

And i have to say pool/snooker is a rather relaxing sport [?] Won 2 games,. but lost against Kenji
"Mickey Mouse :D" - GC.

I'm a heart-heart-heart breaker~

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So, Jess and i decided to delete jaenn.blogspot cause she was the main contributor, as i don't blog as much as her @_@ So wordpress to blogger~ Blogging here on my own would probably mean an update once a month LOL hopefully not though.

On a side note, the university's using plain coffee cups! Initially my reaction was, "Wow, another way to cheap out?" But it's actually super fun to draw on them during lectures LOL

Some people want it all,
But I don't want nothing at all.