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Friday, August 28, 2009

Thai food!

Went to Newtown to have dinner with David :] Thai Pathong, it was yummy~not the cheapest thing in the world, but totally worth it.

Fresh coconut juice ~
Entree: Money Bags. Chicken and nuts? wrapped in spring roll pastry with plum sauce : D Yummy :3

Main: Barramundi a coconut milk curry : DD Kinda spicy ;___;
Main: Steamed seafood thing. When it arrived at the table, the foil was on fire : D You can still see a little flame on the top middle part of the foil D:

Bad part was, i got a call form work asking if i could start at 9am tomorrow ;__; boo no sleeping in and KENTUCKY MAN, i think your package camee 'cept i have to pick it up at a different post office, from the one i suually go to. Weirddd.


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