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Monday, August 24, 2009

Ava's dinner.

I hate blogging about stuff the day after it happens ]: But i was so tired after last night boo >: So these are the small amount of photos i took with my phone [epic fail-y as well] Had dinner with George and his family [awkward ._.], so we stuck to our plan which was eatandgtfo : D By the time we got out it was 9:30 already wtf, and Jingaling had a curfew for the first time ever LOL.

Trekked to a bar and drank weee~ Started with a first round of cocktails and then Viks was geed for shots xD The others didn't wanna do shots with us [price > value] so Viks, Ava and i did them instead : D I originally wanted tequila, but the bartender said it was boring T__T So he suggested Cookie Monster...
with fire *w*
And Wet Pussy, what a vulgar name to call something,
goes down super easily, must be due to the cranberry juice lolol...I still wouldn't have minded tequila blahhh ]:
Finished with Cosmos, which was yummy. Viks wanted to race me, got a major brainfreeze >_> Note to self do no tdo that again.

Hope to get all the photos soonnn~
Kay i should probably go back to my paper now. Oh one mor ething, i watched the first episode of True Blood yesterday, i found it kinda boring, maybe it was Sookie's Southern accent? I dunno, not digging it ]:



  1. TRUE BLOOD GETS BETTER. And yeah Sookie's accent is sorta annoying, but you get used to it. Found the series a lot more entertaining than the whole Twilight craze <<;

    Also there better have been chocolate liqueur or something to that effect in the cookie monster. Otherwise it doesn't deserve that name.

  2. @jess IT'S A DATE.

    @carlo DID YOU EVEN READ TWILIGHT >: The bartender sprinkled cocoa powder on it made the blue flames turn yellowww. It was too sweet ]: Banana midori D:

  3. No I didn't read it. But I did do a little research on it and just didn't catch my interest. I'm much more keen on the whole traditional vampire lore. Meyer explains the whole thing well, but just not my cup of tea.
    Also too much lovey stuff =/

  4. Yeah it gets too girly and rather pathetic at times.

    So i was on Youtube looking at the vote for your favourite fall show, and i saw "Vampire Diaries". It make me lol so hard ]: