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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Package rant.

Can not wait until until we get extra daytime : D
So a little catch up on September, I've been iffy with the post office lately >_> One of my packages is no where to be seen! I went to TWO post offices, because one accused the other of stamping the notice wrong. When i get there he tells me to call a Hotline. "Fine." i thought, thinking i would call up and complain to customer service. To my absolute surprise the Hotline was ENTIRELY, let me repeat, ENTIRELY machine automated. I don't think i've ever been so annoyed ]:

Anyhow, EMS however has much greater service, a rep picks up and you can enquire directly. Yestyle.com ships with EMS :] That's where i got my Laneige goodies.

I got the Troubled Pores range (toner and emulsion) 'cause yah i has troubled pores QQ. After using this for a week, i can clearly say Laneige is my HQ brand ;x. Prevent > cure.

In other news, went to Cupcakes onpitt and grabbed these yummies :]



  1. Whaaaaat it's still not there yet. They did say it may take much longer than 6-10 days but that's rare so I didn't take it to heart. Maybe it's stuck in Customs somewhere D=
    And messing with the PO is always such a pain. They all need a major overhall to make them more streamlined.

    And yey cupcakes!

  2. Oh my Gawd, it's liek vanished =__= i'm going to go and rage again tomorrow sigh..These"post office investigators" are as useless as they sound.