Let's play!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Yes. Nina received the package : D!! It probably means i lost something else ]: But i shall be happy for the moment :]

I literally laughed out loud when i saw the Star Wars movies HAHAHA Carlo you've always known the nerd within me LOL.

So i tried them on :D The pink one is so snug Lurve.

And the other one is a small? SERIOUSLY?! When i saw it i was like oh dear.. but when i wore it, it wasn't as bad.
LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE. Kay i gotta do this presentation now.



  1. Lol at strategically placed flash =P

    Yeah I looked everywhere for a better fitting I<3NY s/xs shirt but couldn't find anything. There was one a small one but the print was really small so I didn't get it. Instead I got the pink shirt just in case. Good thing too cause it looks sexy on you ;D
    And yeah the sizes here are way big. My sis usually has to get a kids large to find something that'll fit =P

    AND YOU BETTER WATCH THOSE MOVIES! They'll only play on your computer though cause I was too lazy to burn 'em properly.

  2. Gee thanks. While typing that comment I left the music player running for once and now I'm hooked on the Carolina Liar song =/

  3. ROFL YES LARGE IN KIDS SIZES FTW. And yessss i shall wacth them in the coming break HOHOHHO~ Finally right? xD

    Yay for Carolina Liar :D