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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Woo more Cupcakes onpitt from Chatswood :D

Went to watch Up! in 3D on Friday :3 It was so saaaad D:Went in this outfit~ Which was in the recent Zipia batch. Love it.

Don't mind my mess haha~

Black romper/jumpsuit with ruffles on the front : D
Cardigan with lace accents
My beloved Witchery ballet flats
Disney Couture - Cinderella pumpkin necklace :3

In other news, today was Burwood festival! I forgot to take my camera ;__; But they had ponies and a crapload of stalls and food D: Yay festival food : D

And i dyed/trimmed hair. Yes. Again. My explanation = split ends D: The girl that did my hair (Sadie) is so talkative..as every other hairdresser. I bet it's part of their requirements LOL. "Must be able to chit chat."xD


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