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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The initial purpose of today's shopping trip was to get Jingaling appropriate attire for her internship in HK, but this happened D:

I got the cream foundation stick by Shu Uemura (finally) for the purpose of travelling ;x and plus its super creamy. Mine's in 774 it offers medium to light coverage which is what i like :]

Also wanted the L'occitane chea butter hand cream for ages so i caved ;x It smells so much better than The Body Shops Hemp cream : D i got the 75ml cause the larger one was just huge LOl. I'd never finish it. The nice cashier guy with the hot accent gave me samples yay. I actually really love this stuff, should get mummy some.

My Sigma brush kit came today too :] Ordered it not too long ago. As everyone says it's high quality, i do have to join that bandwagon.

I also sneaked a photo of Jingaling walking out of Longchamp ehehehe : D /applies for sale consultant position HAHA.
Jing's officially a high roller now LOL.

Kay my cousin sent me my birthday present :3 yay~

Tomorrow's work so no going out >:


i'm a bitch just realise,
i'm a bitch all the timel
i'm a bitch -i-t-c-h.


  1. when did u applied for the position? LMAO. so random. was i too much into the bag to notice??


    cash gone

  2. Omg i bet there are heaps of applications huh LOL. Yeah you were like bouncing off the walls and laughing hysterically JKJK.

    Solution = make more cash.