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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Once upon a time
We swore not to say goodbye
Something got a hold of us
And we changed
Then you sat alone in pride
And I sat at home and cried
How'd our fairytale just end up this way

We went round for round
Til' we knocked love out
We were laying in the ring
Not making a sound
And if that's a metaphor of you and I
Why is it so hard to say goodbye

I can't wait to hate you
Make you pain like I do
Still can't shake you off
I can't wait to break through these emotional changes
Seems like such a lost cause
I can't wait to phase you
Break you down so low there's no place left to go
I can't wait to hate you

This was a love phenomenon no one could explain
And I wish I could press reset and feel that feeling again
I sit and press rewind
and watch us every night
Want to pause it but I cant make it stay

Sorry the frustrations got me feelin away
And I just keep having one last thing to say
And I just want to hold you, touch you, feel you
Be near you, I miss you
I'm tired of tryin to fake through
But there's nothing I can do
Boy I can't wait to hate you..

It's inevitable that there will be losses throughout ones life, but it never ceases to surprise or disappoint me everytime it happens. Truth is you never really get over anything, but you redirect those emotions into something or someone else. You won't know what happiness until you've experienced sadness.


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