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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Yes, i went for a trim again LOL. Endings are inevitable, so i say welcome new beginnings...with a haircut! xD

Woke old man up at 7 and made him go brunch : D and then ran into people, bad weather => Hair Love. It was so windy though called Korea out, had a very interesting conversation HAHA. I think i have a new addition to my wish list. I WANT HIS LEXUS. >: Kay anyway before and after photos~ It was really due to the exceeding amount of split ends ._. i wanted to prep it befor eredying.


Amg. I finally grow my hair longish and i snip it off again >: I CUT IT TO GROW IT~

Yay for shorter fringe, no more touching hair excessively!

Off to catch up on Top Gear Season 14 and Gossip Girl : DDD


listen to my heartbeat. it's beating for you,
listen to my heartbeat. it's waiting for you.


  1. +1 awesomeness for watching Top Gear.
    And yey for stereotypical Asian puffy face.

    Next time you should get it cut shoulder length for totally unselfish reasons on my part =D

  2. LOL. That's a very big step for me >: